The RHC Mastermind Programme is a 12 month evolutionary programme for high level women, just like you who are ready to BREAK FREE from their positions of prestige and transform into a new daring entrepreneurial success story--this is the story where she who dares, Wins. 

BREAK the rules. STEP into significance. Find your Freedom..... 


For a full year, you’ll receive a combination of 1:1 with me as well as monthly group coaching + mentoring sessions. Plus your module study is the perfect mixture of personal development and best business practices designed for you to work through at your own pace. 


You’ll be joining an exclusive and intimate group of women for a powerful combination in :

1. Learning to break out of conventional rules
2.  Connecting with your unique business path
3. Unfolding and stepping into your significance

Over the course of 12 months, you will work closely with me a leading expert in supporting executive women making a bid for freedom and creating their new daring entrepreneurial success stories. 

The Rebel Heart Club mastermind is the programme you need to trust intuition in being your guide, being empowered to take the bold steps and rise within a business that is worthy of you. 

Every Woman is unique and so is her evolution into greater significance, as such I work with each woman on the programme in a unique and bespoke way. I meet you where you're at and not the other way around.

 Trust me this will be your most Transformational Year Yet And that I will give you the HARD TRUTHS you need to make a success of your new venture.

We will be celebrating at the end of your journey with a 2 day Mastermind Retreat Event at a Location TBC. 

YOU WILL BE EXPECTED TO DIG DEEP AND show intrepid commitment to making your new story, a bold reality. 

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Expect tough love with entrepreneurial mindset work, intuitive business strategy and deep personal development. 

Your daring entrepreneurial success story is waiting for you and working with the Rebel Heart Club will guide and support you getting there much quicker.

You just need to ask yourself the following : 

You have expertise and a strong career background/ position of prestige either now or in the past.

You have started a side hustle but are ready to make it a successful and serious business venture. 

You're ready to pinpoint your significance and to lead from that space. 

You want to make the world a better place and believe you can do that by the work you do. 

You're ready to invest and stop making excuses. 

You're ready to make your bid for freedom in creating a business which allows you to tear up the rule book and finally do things your own way. 

SO Are you in? 

As a rebel heart you’re ready to do this with compassion. 

And you're ready to be part of a collective of dynamic, likeminded, powerful and rebellious women WHO get it. Remember rebellion can't happen alone. 

If so, I'd love to hear from you! 

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This programme is for you if : 

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As a rebel you're ready to go against conventional rules.

  "I use my statement of significance to get into the right state before I do any work on my business. I came away from the RHC retreat with renewed sense of energy and clarity around what to focus on next." 





Copywriter & Brand Strategist

"Lulu has helped me unravel the money story I had created that kept me stuck."

“Working with Lulu has helped me unravel the money story I had created that kept me stuck and focused on what I didn’t want. She helped me create an empowering new money story and step into that so that I am able to create the money, success, and life that I have been holding myself back from.”



life Coach

"Lulu is a great coach and can really help you get to the heart of some of your blocks and the things holding you back from making progress in your business." 



Personal Development Coach

"Lulu got to the bottom of it like no one else has ever done before, it truly was some coaching ninja magic!"

“I can’t recommend Lulu’s money mindset coaching highly enough. I had some blocks that were really keeping me stuck but I had no idea what they were or how they were affecting me, all I knew was that my bank account had been looking pretty empty for some time. 
I had such a transformational call with Lulu, she got to the bottom of it like no one else has ever done before, it truly was some coaching ninja magic! She frickin rules! If you get the chance to work with her take it!"



Soulful Relationship & Intimacy Coach

"It was a piece of the puzzle I needed to up-leveling my business."

"Lulu skillfully took me straight to the root cause of my old money issue, which lead on to creating awesome shifts in my finances! It was a piece of the puzzle I needed to up-leveling my business."



Children's Confidence Coach

"She has helped me be the woman who has it all."

  "Without Lulu I would still be living in fear of how we will pay our next bill. Life with Lulu in it is far richer in every way, She has helped me be the woman who has it all."


"To have the space to explore within and find the support around me at the same time is priceless" - Sheeren

Spaces are “limited” and via application only so book a free breakout session to see how I can help you. 

The Details:

A 12 month Evolutionary Programme to support you BREAKING FREE from Prestige and creating your new, daring entrepreneurial success story...

1:1 Mentoring


 (12) x 1 hour - Monthly 1:1 coaching and mentoring session.

Plus priority and unlimited email and voice note access to me.  

VIP Spa and Coaching Strategy Day also available. 

 mastermind calls


(12) x 2 hour -  MONTHLY group mentoring & coaching calls

Two Year Access to the She Rebel Radio Members Group

2 day Group Mastermind

module study


Module Self Study Inc : 

Introduction and welcome pack
 Elevate your Success Modules
6 x She Rebel Business Modules
24 x Principles to Feminine Success Course 
Biz Library access and personal book recommendations. 

The Rebel Heart Club Mastermind 2020






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