And lead differently in your life, business and bigger mission? 

Are you a woman who is 



Cultivate Change?

  The women’s movement and personal development has become mainstream which is great on the one hand but it’s been dumbed down on the other. 

Personal gain, enriching your bank account or online fame is not what its about….I know you have a stronger message and mission to share.


You’re ready to cultivate REAL change and make bold moves in doing so. 

And most of all you need to do it in a way that actually feels good to you….. 

the facts:

The real women’s movement is when women come together to create and cultivate powerful change rooted with a strong intention. It's about changing things from the inside out and that starts with you. 

 And it's why my signature programme -- the Rebel Heart Mastermind is in its third year and still going strong. 

Why? Because I don't create copy cats -- I work with real women cultivating real change within their lives and businesses by stepping into who they are really meant to be. 

Many ancient cultures predicted huge transformation and a feminine rising would begin in December 2012. And it's exactly what we’re seeing.
But before social transformation comes individual transformation and learning a different way of being. 

We’re seeing the potential collapse of the systems and structures that have held up society for hundreds of years and as women we’re feeling a calling -- a nudge, to lead differently and to create things that don’t even exist yet. 

A calling to serve at a deeper level and to show up differently to before...

They know the world isn't perfect and there is some serious work to do.....

Does that Resonate?  

hell yes!

   I know, you’re asking questions, over analysing and PERHAPS becoming frustrated with what's next and "how" you can make it happen. 

 I’ve been there myself more than once and know the journey of the feminine is one which must unfold -- it cannot be controlled or stifled. We can reinvent ourselves whenever and sometimes we may have to do it several times over....

You’re already a professional and successful woman who is seeking to up-level your business, change direction or transform it completely. 

You have a success mission for 2020 and beyond even if you don't quite know what that is yet. 

 You’re an action taker and leader -- you've already created something that is working. 

 You want to cultivate change that is bigger than you. 

You’re tuning in on a deeper level and committed to your own personal, spiritual and emotional development. 

 You want to be have fun, be fully supported and go deep. 

SO Are you in? 

As a rebel heart you’re ready to do it with compassion. 

And you're ready to be part of a collective of successful women who want to change things right along with you. 

If so, I'd love to hear from you! 

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As a rebel you're ready to go against convention.

  "The difference between a thriving community and a broken one is the presence of women who feel valued " 

- Michelle Obama 


     isten, as successful women, we've lacked the role models and metrics of success that mean something to us and we’ve squeezed ourselves to fit into a world of rules and regulations not designed to suit us either.

There is no right path to success and leading differently -- we're working that out right now and we are more powerful when we do it together.

⠀Women are rising everywhere but this is just the beginning.....



Copywriter & Brand Strategist

"Lulu has helped me unravel the money story I had created that kept me stuck."

“Working with Lulu has helped me unravel the money story I had created that kept me stuck and focused on what I didn’t want. She helped me create an empowering new money story and step into that so that I am able to create the money, success, and life that I have been holding myself back from.”



life Coach

"Lulu is a great coach and can really help you get to the heart of some of your blocks and the things holding you back from making progress in your business." 



Personal Development Coach

"Lulu got to the bottom of it like no one else has ever done before, it truly was some coaching ninja magic!"

“I can’t recommend Lulu’s money mindset coaching highly enough. I had some blocks that were really keeping me stuck but I had no idea what they were or how they were affecting me, all I knew was that my bank account had been looking pretty empty for some time. 
I had such a transformational call with Lulu, she got to the bottom of it like no one else has ever done before, it truly was some coaching ninja magic! She frickin rules! If you get the chance to work with her take it!"



Soulful Relationship & Intimacy Coach

"It was a piece of the puzzle I needed to up-leveling my business."

"Lulu skillfully took me straight to the root cause of my old money issue, which lead on to creating awesome shifts in my finances! It was a piece of the puzzle I needed to up-leveling my business."



Children's Confidence Coach

"She has helped me be the woman who has it all."

  "Without Lulu I would still be living in fear of how we will pay our next bill. Life with Lulu in it is far richer in every way, She has helped me be the woman who has it all."


If you’re ready to be part of a dynamic collective of rebel hearts in creating & living your success mission in 2019....then do not hesitate in applying below.
Spaces are “limited” and via application only. 

The Details:

This programme is designed purposefully to include my three pillars of success: high level coaching support, a likeminded group and resources to help you tune in and go deeper. 

1:1 Coaching 


VIP Coaching Intensive

(6) x 60 minute 1:1 coaching calls

**Unlimited E coaching Support**

Rebel Friday
group Calls


(6) x 2 hr - minute MONTHLY group coaching calls
Access to Rebel Heart Club Members Group.

One day event in Jan and Retreat in April. 

Self Study Resources:


Access to all offline material created by me : Business Library, 4 week self study course, feminine principles course, ebook. 
Welcome pack. 

Personal book recommendations. 
She Rebel Business Modules coming soon. 

The Rebel Heart Club Mastermind 2019







Investment rate and payment plans variable upon level of support selected. 
Please request a chat with Lulu and a copy of the Rebel Heart Club brochure now available. 

Programme Starts Oct 2019 but applications are rolling until Jan 2020. 

 Rebel Heart Club Retreat in April and one Day event in Jan. 


Email for more details