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'For every subject there are two subjects, the masculine and the feminine'. This course shares with you a concept that will change how you see the world around you--but also yourself within it. 

Yes, women are rising everywhere, some even say the future is female - but it is in fact feminine. 

When asking for equality as Women we MUST BE equality within ourselves. 

The 24 Principles of Feminine Success Course -- will show you exactly how you’re not doing that and--bring you back to how you can.’ 

This is the universal language of the feminine: we will be talking about success, business, relationships, sex and all sorts of juicy stuff!!!

These principles will show you so much about yourself and how the world really works. I promise you’ll see the principles popping up everywhere you go.

You will be able to create better success, better relationships, a better life and feel so much more you! And these tools are something you'll never ever lose, you’ll go back to them time and time again - for your life-time.

I want you to smash the glass ceiling of success by building a new path the feminine way -- I want you to feel excited again, energised and to free yourself from the old ways of masculine thinking that have supported your success path so far. The Feminine Principles course will ensure you discover, connect and locate a new sense of self and possibility. 

And you’ll start to impact others in a way you never thought possible.These principles will really enable you to step into your feminine and create a path which unfolds from here to somewhere you cannot even imagine right now.

My client Laura said - ‘I knew nothing about the feminine, until I worked with Lulu. Now my whole life makes so much more sense. I finally feel more me.’

Course Starts on the 29th October


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"Lulu will change you in just one session!”

-Melissa, Author & Founder of the “Aspiring Authors Academy

- Kelly, Corporate Worker & Writer 

"I would highly recommend Lulu to any woman that needs confidence and a strong direction in moving forward with her dreams."

- Nadia, Coach & Lawyer 

"Lulu is very thoughtful and is able to create amazing breakthroughs in a short amount of time!"

"I'll never forget ending that first session with Lulu. I walked out a woman in charge of my own destiny with a business idea in mind. I quit my job a few weeks later, signed up for Lulu's program, and began creating my own dream career path. Without Lulu, I'd still be sitting behind a desk built and created by somebody else."

- Galadriel; M.S. Psychologist, Curriculum Developer & Coach

"Since starting my work with Lulu, I've left my full-time job as a teacher, walked away from a business that was not bringing me joy, & gained a newfound sense of freedom & excitement for my new path in business and in life.  I'm excited about my life & business again, & it feels incredible."

- Mollie, Business Strategist & Branding Coach

"Since working with Lulu, I’ve tuned in and embraced my emotions. I’ve welcomed back creativity and am learning to shake off my fears. She’s helped me be the woman who has it all."

- Laura, Empowerment Coach 

"Lulu’s support, encouragement and belief in me is invaluable. It is helping me move through discomfort and fear to make the changes that are going to bring me the happiness and freedom I want and deserve!"

- Cindy, Business & Success Coach 

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