Designing Success &

Leading from the feminine 

Is the only WAY
 to show up!

Designing Success &


Is the only WAY
 to show up!


 advocate for women because we’re ready to do business OUR WAY!
We’re no longer bound to fit in, we’ve woken up to the fact -- we can create success anyway we choose to. It’s really down to us to design success in a way that feels good to us and to lead from the feminine, with heart and with compassion. 

It’s time to heal our beliefs and step forward with confidence in doing things differently. So I’m excited you’re here as my mission is to help women in business lead from the feminine and design success our way. 


 Did you know :

The fact remain whilst more women are reaching senior leadership positions--more are also leaving and more are starting their own businesses.

Often the reasons stated are the pay gap, flexible working and sexual harassment/bullying and whilst I don’t undermine those issues and agree they are all present....

In the UK from 2007 to 2017, women’s board representation in FTSE 100 companies increased from 11% to 28%

However, in 2018, women represented only 4.8% of CEO’s in the Fortune 500 which is less than the year before. 

In 2017, in the UK whilst women represent equally in the Legal Profession, only 9% of women were equity partners and a global investigation was launched into the reasons why so many women were leaving the profession early. 

what if :

Women are leaving because of an entirely different reason? 

We stopped blaming men and starting looking a little deeper! 

We are burning out from chasing equality and fitting in with a version of success
(+ power) that we ourselves didn’t create?

We didn’t design the business or corporate world but have squeezed ourselves into it with a set of principles we didn’t create!
What if we're feeling frustrated as we can’t create the real change we need and desire as we don't know how to....

 Because I’ve created and designed success the masculine way. It’s because I believed in equality until I realised in the 20th century, it's the wrong argument.
It’s because I’ve worked with masculine energy at it's worst and feminine at its best. I see the disconnect and i see how we can bring those two things together.

 I’ve studied human behaviour, culture, society, crime, business, success and women for over twenty years. Having had my own journey, I help other highly achieving women to do the same and guess what?
I've noticed a massive pattern of why as women we've been feeling the way that we are.
And I have a unique perspective to share with you that will change the way you lead in all areas of your life : I have created 24 principles of feminine success just for you. 

But first Here what some of my clients say : 



Business Strategist & Brand Coach

"I'm excited about my life and business again.”

"Since starting my work with Lulu, I've left my full-time job as a teacher, walked away from a business that was not bringing me joy, and gained a newfound sense of freedom and excitement for my new path in business and in life. I'm excited about my life and business again, and it feels incredible."



Success & Lifestyle Coach

"Through Lulu’s teaching, I’ve found the way that feels perfect."

"I’ve coached on and off for years, but never quite found my place--the one where everything feels natural and effortless. I’ve done all the courses, learnt all the marketing, but it’s never felt right and subsequently my business has never quite worked. Now it all feels so different. Through Lulu’s teaching, I’ve found the way that feels perfect and, I’ve also realised my niche as I’ve started attracting the type of potential clients that I know I can help!



Children’s Confidence Coach

"Lulu helps me to be that
woman who has it all."

"Without Lulu I’d still be living in fear. I cannot thank her enough for being this incredible soul who guides, loves and supports me to become who I want and am supposed to be. I didn't know this person inside me was here all along - Lulu helps me to be that woman who has it all."



Writer & Coach

"I’m able to love myself in a way I wasn’t able to before."

"I’ve walked out of a very toxic environment at work, I’ve let go of toxic relationships I didn’t know I had, I’ve lost a ton of weight and found love. I’m like, 'Wow this is magnificent!' I’m able to love myself in a way I wasn’t able to before."



M.S. Psychologist , Curriculum Developer & Coach

"I'll never forget ending that first session with Lulu."

"I'll never forget ending that first session with Lulu. I walked out a woman in charge of my own destiny with a business idea in mind. I quit my job a few weeks later, signed up for Lulu's program, and began creating my own dream career path."



Intuitive Life Coach, Transformational Coach, & Spiritual Teacher

"Lulu has helped me see my blind spots."

"Coaching with Lulu has brought me clarity for the need to shift in areas where I thought I was living my truth in my business and life. Lulu has helped me see my blind spots and enabled me to heal my money story, stop papering over my feelings, and helped me to be focused on the right things in my business."


 This is about women being women and expressing ourselves at our highest level which is near impossible when we’re living by principles that we did not ourselves create.

Feminine energy and principles have long ago been disregarded, disrespected and almost destroyed but she is returning and as women we all have a duty to embody, live and lead from that space.

 But how can we do that if we don’t know what it is or how to access it? 

Working With Me

No matter where you're at right now, one of my purposefully designed programmes will suit your needs in being the highly achieving woman who designs success differently and leads from her feminine space. 

24 Principles of Feminine Success 


6 month course with my 24 principles of success sent weekly to your inbox with Audio training + journaling sheet
 + toolkit

 (6) x 90 minute Group Calls 

(1) or (3) x 90 minute 1:1 Coaching Intensive 

Collective of likeminded women 

Goa Mastermind & Yoga Retreat


(6) 1:1 Sessions with me Via Zoom

(6) Monthly 90-minute Group Calls
via Zoom 

4 x nights in Goa & 2 day mastermind event

6 month programme with access to private client Facebook group 



Welcome Pack and Intention Sheet 

(1) x 90 minute Kickstarter Coaching Session 

Bi-Weekly Voxer support Coaching  
Quarterly Group Calls 

10% off Live Events 

Find out more

Find out more

Find out more

      One to One coaching is also available via a one off session, monthly or three monthly intensive. Let's start with one session and should you choose to continue your investment, the cost of that session will be deducted from your programme.

      Luxury Spa Days are also opportunity to fast track your success by spending a full day with me at a luxury venue with lunch--and spa included. Just imagine receiving high-level one to one to support from me in a tranquil atmosphere where we can dive deep, tune in, and design success on your terms while feeling pampered and relaxed.

You’ll walk away with a newfound awareness of what leading from the Feminine looks like for you, as well as a relaxed and rejuvenated mind and body. 

One to One + Luxury Spa Days


How to tune in and lead from the Feminine is key and the models, systems and structures we follow to achieve success do not teach us how to do that. This in turn has meant women have sacrificed hugely to become like men in achieving success and squeezing ourselves into a success model which doesn’t always fit for us. 

More women are highly achievers but more are leaving corporate roles, positions and businesses because something is missing AND that something is ourselves. Whilst we need our masculine energy, we need not lead from it but allow it to support us instead.

imagine this:

Cultivating real change and undertaking true leadership by breaking away from the proven path and doing things differently than ever before. 
But that’s hard to do when we don’t know how to -- but I’m here to help you. 

How Amazing would  that  Feel ?

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