Entrepreneurs & Coaches : You can make a yearly income in 90 days…

My business bank manager called me the other day and the conversation went something like this :

Manager – “Well you certainly have a very healthy and thriving business”

Me – “Thank you”

Manager – “Can I ask, what is it you do?”

Me – ” I help people from around the world create their own freedom by way of their own online businesses’

Manager – “Well that’s very interesting indeed. When can you come in to chat some more?”

I remember when I tried to set up my first business 3 years ago, my old bank manager was not so helpful in assisting me to set up my business account and I wasn’t even asking to borrow any money.

But hey, I’ve just made 30k in 90 days so now they are more than interested in speaking with me as I have payments coming in from around the globe.

I’m not telling you this to show off but rather show you what is possible as an entrepreneur when your making your own rules and someone else is not deciding your worth.

So here are my 4 Top Tips for creating a yearly income in just 90 days.

  1. Invest in yourself

Every time I’ve invested in my coaching business, it has scared me and made me feel uncomfortable in the level I’ve invested at. But every time it has paid off.

I’ve never had the money sitting in an account waiting to be spent and the truth is no entrepreneur in the first two years of their business ever does.

But guess what, it’s your first test.

Entrepreneurs don’t worry about debt, savings and pensions. We worry about investments, growth and cash flow.

This is your first lesson, are you willing to invest in you and your business?

Do you think Richard Branson saves up in order to invest in his businesses?

The answer is no. No matter what, when he see’s an opportunity, he makes it happen and so can you.

And do you think people will invest in you, if you are not investing in yourself?

2. Get Laser Focused

As an entrepreneur there are many things we want to achieve and many things we want from our businesses and life. But the key is to narrow it all down to your top three goals or intentions for the year ahead.

These super focused goals must make your heart and soul flutter with excitement. They must hold meaning and attachment to you as after all don’t we all want to have 5 figure months, a nice car and to travel the world. Why is it important and emotionally connected to you?

Once you’ve achieved those goals, then you can then set out with extending or creating new goals.

Taking action which is aligned to your top three goals is crucial. If the action is not aligned with your goal or intention, then it can just wait.

3. Serve Your Clients

Coaching is certainly a service based business and whilst I’m super clear on my goals, which I’ve specified above and even carry them around in my purse with everyday, I approach my business from a place of service to others.

I wrote this blog for you and not for me.

Where is that Woman who is struggling like I did? How can I help her? What does she need to hear today? What is it that I can say or write to her today?

4. Expect to receive

To create what you want, you have to feel it and live within the energy of it happening before you will ever see it.

Entrepreneurs, know the truth is ‘we believe it before we see it’ and it doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks.

When I also shifted to a place of simply expecting to receive payment as I would when I was an employee, big things started to happen.

Just think as you are as an employee, you work and you expect to be paid as a result of that work. Work your business with the very same expectation, when you serve others to a high level – this becomes even easier to do.

Are you doubting, questioning and worrying if you’ll be paid this month? Or are you just living in simple expectation of receiving your needs and desires?

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